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Stop Museling - FJORK Merino

Stop Museling

Muzzling is a controversial practice by part of the wool industry, which involves removing the creased and wrinkled skin around the genitals of young sheep, with no pain relief. 
The purpose of muzzling is to prevent infections caused by flies that lay eggs in the skin of sheep. However, this practice is considered inhumane and cruel by many animal advocates and animal welfare groups. Sheep experience severe pain during the procedure, and are often held in awkward positions for long periods of time.
In addition to the pain and suffering caused to sheep, muzzling can also have negative effects on the quality of the wool produced. The scars and wounds created by the procedure can lead to wool loss, as can the stresses and anxiety associated with the procedure.
Some brands and companies including Fjork Merino have taken steps to end muzzling. Some like Fjork have chosen to buy wool only from producers who do not muse.
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