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Who are we ?

FJŌRK Merino is a Swiss brand created in 2018 by a former member of the national alpine ski team and a hockey player from Vaud.

The name "FJORK" is a contraction of the first names of the Bern Bears, BJORK the mother & FINN the father.

The brown bear is our emblem because it is robust and its coat gives it comfort and well-being in all seasons. Just like our products.

Our technology is based on optimising the properties of Merino sheep's wool. Fjork transforms and works the material in a natural way by twisting and treating the longest fibres to create a thermal weave.

Our commitments

FJŌRK Merino aims to work only with farmers who place the welfare of their sheep above any productivity goals. Many farmers use mulesing, a skin removal technique that causes the animal to suffer. Our Wool Origin is certified "Mulesing Free" by the Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd.


Géraldine Fastnacht - the ambassadress

In the course of her passions and records, Géraldine Fasnacht has been nourished by pure air. With a permanent smile, suspended between heaven and earth, the Swiss woman has always loved walking on the edge of the void, whether in freeride snowboarding (triple winner of the X-treme in Verbier), or in wingsuit. She joined the FJŌRK adventure in our first season. A limited edition clothing line in Geraldine's colours has just been created.

Julien Fleury

Performing and ambitious Julien Fleury, finishes at the 8th place of the Swiss championship on 10 km. The runner from Chaux-de-Fonds ran 10 km in less than 30 minutes. He is aiming for the European Half Marathon Championships in 2020. His experience has been invaluable in the development of the "Low-cut" socks.

Richard Amacker

A pro freerider with a victory in the Ski Freeride World Tour in Courmayeur, Richard Amacker is a true acrobat. His energy and good humour shines through in his Instagram videos of skiing.

Jean Tonnelier

Le jeune Skieur, Freerider Jean Tonnelier, visera de nouveaux les sommets du freeride world junior en 2020 avec une armure thermique complète made in FjorkMerino.

Our partner

From Sion Airport, Geneva, Gstaad, Zürich, the Heli Alps teams are at your disposal to take you to the heart of the Championships.