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It is the wool of a very robust sheep. A simple and effective natural material.
Merino sheep survive the scorching summers and freezing winters of the Southern Hemisphere because of it.

It regulates temperature: its fibres are able to store or diffuse heat
It resists odours: thanks to its natural antibacterial properties.
It wicks moisture: it can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture before appearing wet.


A base layer when it's hot, our 140G then add layers for more insulation when it's cold like the 210G.
By layering your FJORK merino, you trap air between each layer to further increase warmth. Your layers interact as one lightweight garment.

Yes, it actively regulates your body temperature, merino wicks moisture quickly, keeping your skin dry.

The fibres of merino wool are very fine and they bend when they touch your skin unlike traditional wool which has thicker fibres that retain their stiffness when they come into contact with your body. The ends of the fibres irritate the nerve endings in the skin, which is why they feel so uncomfortable. Even for sensitive skin, merino wool will do.


Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
In the tumble dryer with a low heat programme and after being turned inside out.
They can be dry cleaned.
Ironing possible, but inside out.

Merino wool is a strong fibre, able to withstand the friction of regular use. Our socks are reinforced at the heel and toe, two areas of high wear.

They are non-irritating, non-itchy, naturally odour resistant and sweat wicking.