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About us

FJŌRK Merino is a Swiss brand created in 2018 by a former member of the national alpine ski team and a Vaudois hockey player.

The name "FJORK" is a contraction of the first names of the Bernese Bears, BJORK the mother & FINN the father.

The brown bear is our emblem because it is robust and its coat provides comfort and well-being in all seasons. Just like our products.

Our technology is the result of optimising the properties of the wool of Merino sheep. Fjork transforms and works the material in a natural way through a process of twisting and processing the longest fibres to create a thermal weave.

Merino is an anti-microbial, anti-odour and anti-itching wool. Ideal for everyday use, as well as for sports activities, it is also very easy to care for and durable over time.